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Nov 28,  · Teens, Technology and Friendships. American teens don’t just make friends in the schoolyard or neighborhood — many are finding new friends online. Video games, social media and mobile phones play an integral role in how teens meet and interact. teens and technology. We started all the way back at hieroglyphics which evolved after some time to old English which then transformed into modern English which then rapidly turned into "Cnt wait 2 c u l8r 2night," "LOL" and "BRB" and now it has seemed to turn back into the hieroglyphics.

Technology for teens is fun and allows them to stay connected to their friends and family, which is important. Some teenagers will do this by spending a lot of time connecting with their friends on social media, or by hanging out with other ‘gamers’ when playing multi-player games online. Aug 23,  · Teens and Technology. Follow the RSS feed for this page: Pew Research Center August 23, Most U.S. teens who use cellphones do it to pass time, connect with others, learn new things. Most cellphone-using teens say their phone is a way to pass time. Similarly large shares use their phone to connect with others or learn new things.

Dec 30,  · While the answers to your questions are numerous, some reasons why teens use technology is because it feels good: it's a great way to connect with friends and family near and far; . Teens, Health, and Technology A National Survey June Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 Key Findings 6 Methodology 7 Results 7 Extent and frequency of teen use of the Internet for health information 10 Social networking sites as a source of health information.