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Teen Court is a non-profit program that gives first-time youthful offenders, between the ages of 9 and 17, a second chance; yet holds them fully accountable for their actions. Misdemeanor offenses, such as larceny, simple assault, affray, property damage, drug possession, alcohol possession, and others are heard in Teen Court. Ethan Anthony Couch (born April 11, ) is an American man who at age 16 killed four people while driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs on June 15, , in Burleson, ilprofeta.info was intoxicated, driving on a restricted license and speeding in a residential area when he lost control, colliding with a group of people assisting another driver with a disabled ilprofeta.info for: The "affluenza" defense.

Teen Court is a diversionary program for first-time juvenile offenders. Defendants waive their right to proceed through the juvenile justice system and agree to plead guilty and accept the sanctions imposed by Teen Court. The criminal charges are dismissed upon . Judge: Then you are pleading guilty because you were in fact driving while under the influence of alcohol? Sandra: Yes, your Honor. Judge Black then sentenced Sandra to the terms of her guilty plea and instructed her to enroll in a court approved alcohol plan no later than 2 weeks from the current date.

Because cases heard by teen courts are real cases, participants in teen court programs are required to sign an oath of confidentiality regarding any information which comes to their knowledge in the course of the teen court case presentation. State-approved teen courts implement restorative justice and attempt to reintegrate the youth offender. Teen Court Jurors’ Sentencing Decisions Edith Greene University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Kasey Weber Colorado Department of Corrections Teen Courts provide a forum in which juvenile offenders are sentenced by their peers.