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Aug 02,  · Teenage Consumer Spending Statistics Data Total number of teenagers in the U.S. 26,, Total U.S. teen spending (Products bought by and for teens) $,,, Total U.S. annual teen income in. Oct 19,  · There are some differences in teen spend on a gender basis, per the report. Males spend a larger share of their wallets on food (22%) than clothing (17%), while the opposite is true for women (22% and 24%, respectively).

The average teenager spends $9, per year. This number is based on total spending by and for teens of $ billion, divided by 26,, teenagers in the United States. Teens get 62 percent of their income from their parents. Continue Reading. The average amount that upper income teens spend on clothes adds up to nearly $1, annually. Tip: Best Time to Buy Clothes. 2. But food is a close second. Going shopping for new outfits is one way to work up an appetite, and restaurants are seeing the younger dining crowd grow.

According to a United States Department of Agriculture survey, for an only child aged two and under, families spent between $10, and $15, a year, while expenses for a year-old only child rose to between $11, and $17, If this year old age group is just working and at home, they tend to spend a lot less than if they are away at school. With some still living at home, they can spend just right around $ for clothes, gas, food, activities, and bills. Once they become independent, and move out of the house, their spending costs will increase.