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May 23,  · States With Sex Offender Residency Restriction Laws. State. Statutory Citations. Restriction. Oregon §§ (1)(a) and (2)(a) The Department of Correction decides where and how close a sex offender can live to a school or daycare center based on a decision matrix. Find all your resources, housing and sex offender help in one place. Sex Offender One Stop Resource serving all of the U.S.

Jun 21,  · Recommendation 2: Placing restrictions on the location of correctionally supervised sex offender residences may not deter the sex offender from re-offending and should not be considered as a method to control sexual offending recidivism. Aug 07,  · Sex Offenders without residency restrictions. Heywood House Heywood Ave. Louisville, KY Don Siebert () or cell Men only. Housing and must attend either AA or NA meetings. Will take sex offender if no residency restrictions. Hope Sisters for Women / S. 23rd St. Louisville, KY N. 20th St Louisville.

Some sex offender housing locations will be on the each individual state page. If you know of any more that you would like to share, please notify us on our submit resource page. Search By State. Residency restriction laws are a method some jurisdictions use to curb the actions of sex offenders, although research shows that they may not be that effective. Learn about residency restrictions for sex offenders and more at FindLaw's Criminal Charges section.