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Supplemental Heat – Window Unit Air Conditioners Heat Pumps. Windows unit heat pumps always use electric heat strips for the backup heat. In many air source heat pump applications when the temperature outside drops below 38 degrees F. it becomes necessary to supplement the heat pump with a backup source of heat because the heat pump will stop producing enough heat to keep the space . If you have a heat pump, you might be aware that you should avoid using the emergency heat setting on your thermostat. You might have been warned not to use this setting because it uses electric heat strips to heat your home, which are not nearly as energy efficient as your heat pump’s normal function.

Window / Wall Mounted Heat Pumps. BTU CALCULATOR. 11, BTU ( Ton) Cooling, 9, BTU Heating, Kühl Series / Volts, Room Air Conditioner / Heat Pump With 3kW Electric Heat Strip $1, Free Shipping. Not In Stock Or as low as Add to Cart (3 Reviews) Compare. Window unit heat pumps use AC technology to supply both air conditioning and heating to a room or zone. These units are quite new but are growing in popularity because they provide cost-effective heating in single rooms and zones. It is much cheaper to heat with a window heat pump than it .

Buy Window, Wall, And Portable Air Conditioners - Purchase a new window, wall, or portable air conditioner at wholesale prices. Mobile Home Heat Pump and Coil Systems. Mobile Home Furnaces. Mobile Home Air Conditioners. Electric Heat Strip (6) Heat Pump. Sep 09,  · Heat Pump window units are by far superior to a standard window air conditioning unit. A heat pump cools in the summer and than reverses to heat during the winter. This combination of heating and cooling from one unit makes it a cheap option to heat and cool a home.