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A salt lick, also known as a mineral lick, is a location where animals can go lick much needed minerals and nutrients from salt deposits. They are either natural occurring or artificially made. One of the popular animals that go around looking for these is a deer. Mineral Lick VS. Salt Lick: Which Is Best? “The increased water and potassium uptake creates a sodium deficiency which causes them to crave salt. However, the attractiveness of salt diminishes greatly during the fall and winter months rendering pure ‘salt licks’ ineffective to the hunter. Heartland mineral supplements and deer blocks.

Oct 11,  · Mineral blocks vs salt licks. Most mineral blocks contain a large amount of salt. This is because deer crave it, and it’s an important mineral for their health. But unlike pure salt licks, mineral blocks also contain other vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy herd. Artificial salt licks can be made from plain granular salt or better sea salt which contains a lot of trace minerals besides sodium chloride. However, commercial mineral salt available in bags or solid blocks from the local agricultural feed store is best and cheaper than sea salt.

Of all the salt blocks tried and tested, I believe that the best one goes to the Milliard Himalayan Salt Lick. This 6-pound salt block comes from the most quality salt deposits from the Himalayas, which includes the much-needed minerals animals need, from horses to deer! So not only can it attract deer, the salt lick can also keep them healthy. Feb 02,  · Champion's Choice Trace Mineral Salt Block, 50 lb. is rated out of 5 by Rated 5 out of 5 by from Salty Helps keep my senior horses hydrated. Hot dry weather here, salt is very necessary. Last for a good while/5().