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Sep 04,  · It was common practice for athletes in Ancient Greece to exercise and compete in the nude. Sadly, most of today’s athletes are forced to cover their crotches with some piece of clothing. To help us imagine what a nude wrestling match from Ancient Greece would have looked like, two naked . Greek wrestling was a grappling combat sport practiced by the Ancient Greeks.A wrestler's objective (aim, goal) was to throw his opponent to the ground from a standing position. A point (or fall) was scored when a wrestler's back or shoulders touched the ground.

Greek wrestling (Greek: πάλη, translit. pálē), also known as Ancient Greek wrestling and Palé, was the most popular organized sport in Ancient Greece.A point was scored when one player touched the ground with his back, hip or shoulder, or conceding defeat due to Also known as: Roman Wrestling. Apr 13,  · CATEGORY: General Wrestling and Stuff A video commemorating the early wrestling training and competition in Ancient Greece. This is my tribute to where it .

During the ancient Olympic Games, from B.C., wrestling was the decisive discipline of the Pentathlon. In fact, it was the last discipline to be held – after the discus, the javelin, the long jump and the foot race – and it designated the winner of the Pentathlon, the only crowned athlete of the Games. We hope you are as excited about the upcoming Olympics as we are. To get us all in the mood, here are some inspiring images from the history of Olympic wrestling.