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My dad is screwing my sister. I am 14 and my sister is Lately I have noticed my dad all over her, holding her, rubbing her back, kissing her forehead. The other day I walk into the living room and see my dad laying on top of my sister. My sister had this strange look . May 05,  · Here's Kristin's story: When my parents got divorced, my dad choose my sister to live with him and my mom choose me to live with her. I didn't .

“Getting my blanket! I couldn’t sleep! What are you doing!?” My voice was robotic like a fourth of July e-card. I subconsciously matched the pitch of my dad’s voice note for note as if sonic repetition would help to cancel out the naked image in front of me and also eradicate my dad’s anger. Jun 05,  · Seeing your dad naked. Anyone here find your dad kinda attractive when you hit puberty and try and see him naked? My dad was only 16 years older than me, so when I was 14 he was 30 and I always jacked off thinking about him naked. I had sexual thoughts about my oldest fire-crotched sister all the time once I saw her big red bush one day.

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