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daylight eye naked not taurid venus - Look up! Your guide to some of the best meteor showers for

Nov 01,  · The year is coming to an end and winters have arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. Here are the top astronomy events for the penultimate month of Read more "Here Are The Top Astronomy Events For November.". This month, you can find the Tarantula Nebular in a neighbouring galaxy, spot a meteor, and watch Venus, Saturn and Mars put on a show in the western sky. October sky guide: Tarantula nebula.

Nov 02,  · Weird Comet Holmes is still an easy naked-eye sight. The Southern Taurid meteor shower, weak but very long-lasting, should be at its peak this week. make sure the Daylight . The year should be a very rich one for star gazing folks who watch the heavens. The two most spectacular meteor showers will not be obscured by moonlight at their peak hours, some of the.

Dec 31,  · Moonlight will spoil some of the big meteor showers this year, but still plenty of others to see. So here's your guide on when and where to look to catch nature's fireworks. Oct 29,  · Monday, November 1. Periodic Comet Hartley 2 is once again becoming visible in a more-or-less moonlight-free morning sky. This week the comet crosses from Gemini into Canis Minor, as .