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Jun 19,  · This is the story of how I came upon this phenomenon of men who like to wear lingerie, and how I came to love a man who wore panties. In the beginning, I was introduced to men wearing lingerie by a wonderful man who hesitantly revealed his . Feb 28,  · It never occurred to me too wear panties until I found a g-string in the waste bin in my step daughters bedroom as I was emptying the bins around the house. I tried it on and the string was worn and quite uncomfortable, I guess that's why it went.

Ask around and a majority of men will tell you that they love it when their wives or girlfriends wear sexy lingerie. Women who wear lingerie 'feel' more feminine and sexy. That can help them to 'unleash' passions they may have hidden from themselves, or been too afraid to show before. Men are. Mar 16,  · White lingerie is usually reserved for wedding nights and implies innocence etc, but many men find a sexy white bra to be very attractive so don't rule out white. A black or dark skinned lady will look far better in creme lingerie and will look classy in creme and ilprofeta.infoers: 1.

Jun 28,  · Men get distracted by beautiful and sexy women in shorts. This is one of the reasons why shorts are a favourite clothing item for many females. Men enjoy looking at a sexy woman in shorts. This is one of the reasons why shorts are a favorite clothing item for many females. Keep reading to find out why shorts and females is a winning combination. I'm a straight man who has never had the slightest attraction to other men, and never had any desire (or even fantasy) to transition to be a woman. I've always been perfectly happy to be a man and have always been very attracted to women. So much so, that I think that's why I've always liked to wear lingerie.