Can someone give you a virgin mobile top up card number? - - does a virgin mobile wildcard have sms


does a virgin mobile wildcard have sms - Can you use a tmobile phone with virgin mobile? -

May 06,  · Re: Question About Virgin Mobile Wildcard The wild card sure does not have a music player. The Sonic Slider by VM is the one with the music . yes but it will be hard, because Metro pcs does not use sim cards but virgin mobile. You would have to go to craigslist and ask them to do it.

Nov 04,  · Does the virgin mobile wildcard have a mp3 player in it? how much csongs can u store? What size is the jack?Status: Open. Nov 27,  · I have Virgin Mobile and want to update to either a Wildcard, Slash, or Shuttle phone. I text a lot which is why the wildcard is attractive, but I heard problems with its build and UI. The Shuttle is nice but I dont like the Open.

If you want to change your carrier from Verizon to Virgin Mobile, you would have to call the company first and see if the phone is compatible with their service. The only way you would be able to. Sending text messages from your Virgin Mobile phone to a landline is not supported. What are short code or premium SMS? You may have seen a shortcode charge appear on your phone bill.