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Mar 03,  · Water flows into the iconic Glory Hole spillway at Monticello Dam on Monday, Feb. 20, , in Lake Berryessa, Calif. Water is flowing for the first . Technically known as the Morning Glory Spillway it is locally, somewhat more colorfully, known as “The Glory Hole.” When the dam reaches capacity, the spillway swallows water at a rate of.

Bottomless Pit - Monticello Dam Drain Hole. Jun 24 Glory holes are used for dams to drain excess water during dry seasons. This is the largest one of them all in the world, it is located in Lake Berryessa. Mar 15,  · For many people who see The Glory Hole, the question that arises is why this hole, and not a more typical spillway? The answer is space. The Monticello Dam sits at .

Feb 22,  · California's Oroville dam recently experienced spillway damage that could have (but hasn't yet) lead to catastrophic failure of the dam itself. Meanwhile, about miles south, the Monticello dam. A file photo of Monticello Dam at Lake Berryessa in Napa County, Calif., on Tuesday, February 14, The spillway, which drops straight down more than feet, is known as the Glory Hole.