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All's fair in politics, even a candidate's daughter. Out of work father and his daughter are about to be evicted Disgusted and ashamed at what his employee had done. A father's forbidden fantasies about his daughter. and other exciting erotic at ilprofeta.info! A Daughter's Seduction. by JetBoy. My name is Connie. I am a single mother with a thirteen-year-old daughter named Becky. I know and have known for a long time that I am sexually attracted to young girls, and have spent many late night hours pleasuring myself to fantasies of cute, nubile preteens.

Jun 13,  · Just Like That?dady With a Mom that she could only remember from photographs it was no wonder that Melissa’s Father was her world. No one who saw them could doubt they loved and cared about each other. He was good looking, smart, funny and most likely would have climbed high up the corporate ladder but Continue reading Just Like That? daddy71%. Aug 28,  · Lesbian stories, Free erotic and porn stories, Women who love other women, hot porn stories.