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Universal Backhoe Thumb Features Claws are made from T-1 high strength steel Two pin adjustable working positions allows for handling a wide variety of material Mounting requires welding . AMI Hydraulic Thumb for Extendable Stick Backhoes AMI-EXSTH Add a hydraulic thumb to nearly any extendahoe with an inner extendable stick. – Works on New Holland, JCB and Terex inner sticks.

Thumb attachments are claw-like devices which attach to excavators, allowing the machine to gasp, lift, and transport materials as the thumb makes contact with the excavator bucket, much as a human hand uses its thumb to hold and move objects. A mismatched thumb will result in damage to your backhoe, as larger backhoes have more bucket force. For example: if you mount a 25” thumb on a hoe that requires a 31” one, you will probably bend or break your equipment%(2).

The mechanical thumb for a backhoe attaches to the boom and has 5 possible positions to help you stabilize materials which are hard to control. Simply fold it back or slide out of the way when not in use. Hands down the easiest way to upgrade your backhoe. Please measure your bucket before ordering to ensure a proper match%(3). Bolt-on Backhoe Thumb ; Fits: Kubota BH75, BX25, BX24, BX23, BX22, BT, BT Woods DH Groundbreaker Backhoe. Mahindra Backhoe. This may fit other machines as well if the width of the backhoe arm is 3".