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O’Bryan: 80s R&B Star on the Rise & Fall of His Career, Don Cornelius Gay Rumors and MUCH More! (EUR Exclusive Podcast) EURPublisher01 February 13, views. Feb 03,  · "It was a sense of urgency." Two days after Don Cornelius' shocking suicide at age 75, his son Tony Cornelius talks for the first time about receiving a distressing phone call from his father just.

I'm Don Cornelius, and as always in parting, we wish you love, peace and soul!" After Cornelius's departure, it was shortened to "and as always, we wish you love, peace and soul!" and it was used through the most recent new episodes in Cause of death: Suicide by gunshot. Yes Don Cornelius was gay. My father told me.! Plus you can see it if you have ever watched Soul Train. Plus he's dead now so it doesn't matter.

Don Cornelius' death from a self-inflicted gunshot wound has drawn new attention to the dark side of the "Soul Train" founder. Cornelius, 75, was plagued by health problems in the last three. Jul 03,  · Thanks to the late Don Cornelius for this unforgettable, historical, and longest-running music program. Over 1, original episodes and 35 seasons. The best names in the recording industry appeared on this show, and many of them owe their success to having been seen on Soul Train. Who could ever forget the dancers, or the fashions they wore?