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If this question is on your mind, you’re not alone. During a mammogram your breast is compressed. “I’ve had patients come here that are concerned you’re going to pop my implant,” says Dr. Walters. “But we have special views where we can push the implant up out of the way and then we pull the breast in so we’re compressing the. Nov 13,  · Q. My silicone gel breast implant may be leaking. How do I find out if it is leaking, and what should I do if it is? A. We’re not doctors and we don’t provide medical advice, but I can tell you what we know based on research and from speaking with many .

Apr 06,  · The reason is, the silicone gel implant may rupture, but the silicone gel will remain in the pocket or capsule. This capsule, a normal reaction to the presence of the implant, keeps the silicone gel enclosed and isolated from the rest of the body. So you will not see a change in volume of the breast as you would when a saline implant ruptures. Jan 30,  · First, conditions such as capsular contracture, where the scar tissue around the implant tightens and causes the breast to become hard and misshapen, can make it very difficult or even impossible to perform the mammogram. 9, 10 The compression of the breast that is required in order to perform the mammogram can be extremely painful if there is.

Patients with implants need special views with the breast tissue pulled away from the implant and put onto the mammogram plate without an implant. With firm implants, this can be difficult to accomplish and the mammogram can be compromised. Though MRIs can see around a contracted implant, there are some breast tumors that mammograms do not detect. A ruptured breast implant is a potentially serious health concern for any affected woman. They can also cause an unaesthetic appearance to the chest. Breast implants are not foolproof and are not designed to last a lifetime. Implants are likely to fail with time and might break much sooner, due to a variety particular circumstances.