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Mar 25,  · The Best Breast Cancer Blogs of Written by Jessica Timmons on March 25, Share on Pinterest. If you buy something through a link on this page, we may earn a small commission. Sep 02,  · Not other breast cancer patients and survivors. Breast cancer patients and survivors are the experts in the whole living with this crap day to day part of it. And every cancer is different. And when you’re honest about how you are feeling it can scare people. Breast cancer patients and new survivors can be very impressionable.

Despite having metastatic, Stage IV, breast cancer, Ann Silberman, writes a humorous cancer blog while detailing treatments such as mastectomy, herceptin, reconstruction, surgeries . The weather here in New Hampshire is fabulous - sunny skies and temps between the mid 60's and low 70's. And to go along with the gorgeous weather, I have more good news - my tumor markers dropped from on 4/11 to on 5/1!!!

The other side of breast cancer treatment. That’s where I am now. And grateful to be here. But every moment I’m here, I realize how little I understood about recovering from . Breast cancer is a skull drag through hell. While kicking and screaming the entire way, I have managed to learn how to save my own life. This blog is a compilation of that knowledge.