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32 rows · The new country lasted only three months, until an Independence Day change of heart convinced the miners to vote themselves back into the union. Dominion of Newfoundland: Newfoundland and Labrador. A former Crown Colony which had rejected confederation with Canada in , the Dominion of Newfoundland was established on 26 September Throughout the world there are many cities that were once national capitals but no longer have that status because the country ceased to exist, the capital was moved, or the capital city was is a list of such cities, sorted by country and then by date. Where a city name has changed, the name of the city when it was a capital is listed first, followed by its modern name in brackets.

keywords: geography, historical country names, former country names, history, place name changes, historical maps: List of formerly used country names and names of countries which have ceased to exist. Name changes of countries, dependencies, geographical and other regions of . May 30,  · Interesting Facts and Former Names of Countries of the World It is the only Southeast Asian country to have never been colonized. 2. Iraq is formerly known as Mesopotamia. 3. The former name of Sri Lanka is Ceylon. It was under European rule for about years. In the name was change to Sri Lanka.

Aug 12,  · The country had been a monarchy. The country's government is largely run by military generals who support a one-party system grounded in Marxist ideals. In , the country began allowing some forms of private ownership, and it joined the World Trade Organization in Britain. British America (New Britain). Canadian colonies Island of St. John; Rupert's Land (A private estate stretching from the Atlantic to the Rocky Mountains, and from the prairies to the Arctic Circle.) "Thirteen Colonies" New England Colonies. Province of Massachusetts Bay; Province of .