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Asian Tennis Federation. New at Asian Tennis Federation? Sign up Login PTT Asian 14&Under C2 (5) [IND] ASIAN DELHI JUNIOR TENNIS TOURNAMENT – 14 & UNDER: Advertisement. Latest rankings. ATF Junior Tennis Tour Rankings: Most visited. Sarawak 14th ATF 14&U Series Jun 03,  · Anya Jacob knocked out top seed Isha Shree Shah of Nepal , in the girls’ first round of the Sports Boulevard Asian under tennis tournament at the DLTA Complex here on Sports Bureau.

Rushil khosla prevails at Grade A 14& Under tournament in Kazakhstan Announcement under ITF ASIAN 14&U DEVELOPMENT CHAMPIONSHIP ASIAN TENNIS. Monthly Newsletter- May Announcement ATT. ITF South East Asian 12&U Regional Qualifying ASIAN TENNIS. Asian Tennis Tour USD Women’s Tournament new articles EXPLORE THE ATF. ASIAN DELHI JUNIOR TENNIS TOURNAMENT – 14 & 9/14/ to 9/21/ BS14, GS14, BD14, GD Asia Tennis Federation NEW DELHI [IND] India: Asian Under 14 Gurgaon [UZB] Tashkent ATF14&Under [MAS] 9TH SABAH ATF ASIAN 14&U SERIES [KOR] ATF Yang Gu Asian 14U Series - W2 [UZB] Fergana ATF U

May 17,  · Tennis. Asian under Development Championship: Yuvan Nandal secures place in final , in the boys semifinals of the Asian under Development Championship in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, on Friday. In the final, Yuvan will challenge the top seed and champion of the first tournament last week, Max Batutenko of Kazakhstan who beat Agriya Author: Team Sportstar. Jun 13,  · Pari Singh was the only Indian player to make it to the ITF Asian under team for the European circuit. With six boys and six girls being selected for the Asian team, there was ample scope for the Indian players.