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svay pak and sex - Phnom Penh and Svay Pak: Child Sex Trafficking in Cambodia

Svay Pak is a village of overseas Vietnamese in Cambodia, north of Phnom ilprofeta.info village has been renowned as a destination for adult and child prostitution, and while the latter has been cracked down upon, its prevalence as of was ilprofeta.infoy: Cambodia. May 21,  · Donald J. Brewster is founder and chief executive of Agape International Missions, which fights sex trafficking. “You can go Cambodia, Phnom Penh. .

Sep 15,  · Westerners with a penchant for having sex with children are drawn to Svay Pak, where the girls - or "players" - are as young as six and their services cost only £3. Svay Pak, a region just outside of Phnom Penh, is an area internationally known for child sex trafficking and child sex tourism. Men from all over the world come to purchase minors for sex, but Cambodian men still provide the most demand for child ilprofeta.info: Dawn Manske.

Svay Pak is devoted to the sex trade. NICHOLAS KRISTOF, COLUMNIST, "THE NEW YORK TIMES": When I first went to Cambodia, there were virgins, you know, year-old virgins, being openly sold in storefronts. COOPER: "New York Times" columnist Nicholas Kristof has covered the seedy sex business in Cambodia for years. Svay Pak is a brothel village, a cluster of brick and concrete shophouses where immigrant prostitutes from Vietnam offer "boom-boom" — sex — and "yum-yum" — oral sex — for $5 a time in cramped, clammy rooms and makeshift plywood cubicles. Similar brothel villages can be found all over Cambodia.