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Apr 20,  · In her new book Swinging From My Heels, Christina Kim dishes on life, love and the L-word on the LPGA tour. Contrary to what many people think, . Tee party The LPGA won't admit it but the lesbian bars and clubs in Palm Springs tell the real story. Veronica Lee found that the thousands of women who turn up for the Dinah Shore Classic aren't.

Who are the lpga lesbians? Dottie Pepper is an American born ladies professional golfer, who enjoyed great success on the LPGA Tour. She now commentates on PGA and LPGA Tour golf. Jan 08,  · Hi All With Gay Marriage being legal in the U.S after the Supreme Court ruling i thought i would list some of the known Gay LPGA Players. Please contribute if i have missed any KNOWN players.

The LPGA is the Ladies tour, where as the PGA is for men. The Ladies tour would occasionally only play 54 holes, whereas the PGA Tour always plays 72 unless there is a washout or bad weather. Page 1 of 7 - Lesbianism and the LPGA Tour - posted in Golf Talk: Its often quoted that lesbianism is a factor in many womens sports, and that the LPGA Tour is no exception. But is this really the case? Have we (and specifically the media) allowed the LPGA Tour to be tagged as a haven for lesbian activity when it may not be the case?