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Establishing an Adult Merchant Account. The adult entertainment industry is a multi-billion dollar industry just in the U.S. alone. If you’re a merchant who sells adult toys and products, you know that the demand for your products is consistently strong from one quarter to the next. Merchant Industry enhanced payment processing towards a wireless technology provide the user with a comprehensive and feasible solution so only our company is one of the best wireless merchant account providers. The wireless credit card machines provided by our company, enable you to accept and finalize credit card transactions where a telephone line is not available.

A Wide Range of Merchant Account Services. BluePay is an all-in-one payment processing provider, with a complete lineup of easy, efficient and secure merchant credit card processing services all under one roof. With BluePay, you can access a wide selection of payment products, including B2B processing, virtual terminals, software integration. An adult merchant can begin processing credit cards once the account is approved. To curb chargebacks, can assist in setting up chargeback management software, integrating it with the payment gateway, and enabling chargeback alerts. A fraud filter also can be set up for online payments.

A wireless merchant account will elevate you to the next level of business development by providing access to sophisticated methods that can impress clients and outdistance the competition. Reasons for opening a wireless merchant account – credit card services are many and varied. A wireless merchant account is one that utilizes a terminal that is similar to a cell phone. Wireless merchant account terminals are equipped with their own cell phone plan and do not have to be tethered to another device to operate.