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Apr 23,  · You can do some relearning touch exercises on your own, while others require a partner. Detailed descriptions of the exercises can be found in my book, The Sexual Healing Journey, and my video, "Relearning Touch". These exercises help you develop skills such as: feeling relaxed with touch, - breathing comfortably, - staying present. Produced by Wendy Maltz, Steve Christiansen and Gerald Joffee. This forty-five minute video, moderated by Wendy Maltz, sensitively demonstrates the relearning touch techniques that are described in her groundbreaking book, The Sexual Healing Journey: A Guide for Survivors of Sexual ilprofeta.infoes interviews with three couples who have used the techniques to improve communication, deepen.

The exercises are progressive and follow a sequence from playful, non-sexual touch to sensual, pleasuring touch activities. When necessary, you can address specific sexual problems, such as orgasmic and erectile difficulties, by modifying standard sex therapy techniques using the new skills acquired in relearning touch. Aug 10,  · * Acknowledge the past sexual abuse and realize how it influenced your sexuality. These can include the “relearning touch techniques” described in Wendy’s These exercises are.

As survivors of sexual abuse whether or not one has since been diagnosed with and is coping with a dissociative disorder there is much that survivors have in common in so far as the long-lasting effects of this type of abuse. Aug 14,  · Award-winning author and therapist Wendy Maltz LCSW DST describes how she came to write the classic sexual abuse recovery book, The Sexual Healing Journey: A .