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Apr 15,  · Koka, an umbrella cockatoo, came to SeaQuest with an interesting background story. Koka’s first owner was a hoarder and had to give her up because of the poor living conditions for the animals in her care. Koka was then adopted and bounced from one owner to the next because each owner did not realize the work they would need to put in to make. SeaQuest is recovering after the efforts of Marilyn Stark to destroy the submarine. There are new faces, and new challenges and achievements awaiting them all. The time has come to begin working together and find out about each other as a crew. First part in a completely new arc and much larger continuing series of stories. Story One (1) Language.

SeaQuest is home to approximately animals of different species! Each SeaQuest has different animals, and our animals change from time to time. You can expect to see stingrays, sharks, turtles, snakes, lizards, and birds, among the many animals that call SeaQuest home. SEAQUEST GENERAL FICTION PAGE. This a blatant rip off of the movie Deep Blue Sea except with seaQuest characters superimposed in the story line. The movie was changed to accommodate these characters and their personalities. It basically deals with smart sharks and the results of a storm that sends the station off line ADULT SEAQUEST.

SEAQUEST SLASH FICTION. Join the men and women of the Seaquest as they explore the adventures and romance of a life under the sea DISCLAIMER: No one owns the characters, but the stories are ours WARNING: The fiction on this page is SLASH. Meaning it is of a romantic nature, between two gorgeous people of the same sex. May 20,  · From , SeaQuest DSV and SeaQuest: would struggle to find stories, viewers, and a purpose among the icy depths of Earth's oceans. In this installment of Military Sci-Fi Oddities, we will be exploring and attempting to explain the oddity that was SeaQuest DSV and SeaQuest: What is SeaQuest DSV and SeaQuest ?Author: William.