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revised adult attachment scale - The Experiences in Close Relationships-Revised (ECR-R) Questionnaire

Revised Adult Attachment Scale (Collins, )- Close Relationships Version. The following version of the scale has revised instructions and slightly reworded items to refer to “close” relationships rather than “romantic” relationships. The scoring for this scale is the same as the scoring on p The Adult Attachment Scale (AAS) was officially developed in but built on the earlier work of Hazen & Shaver () and Levy & Davis (). The scale was developed by decomposing the original three prototypical descriptions (Hazen & Shaver, ) into a series of 18 items. The scale consists of 18 items scored on a 5 point likert-type scale.

Dear Colleagues: Thank you for your interest in the Adult Attachment Scale. In this document you will find a copy of the original and revised Adult Attachment Scales, along with information on scoring. Youll also find some general information about self-report measures of adult attachment style, and a list of references from our lab. The Adult Attachment Revised Scale is a measure of relationship attachment that contains three dimensions: closeness, dependence and anxiety. In Study 1, the scale was translated and applied to a sample of university students in order to assess reliability.

Adult Attachment Scale- Revised. Nancy L. Collins () Please note: Information regarding the Adult Attachment Scale can be found in Collins & Read () and Collins (). Please feel free to contact me if you would like copies of any unpublished manuscripts. Scoring Instructions for the Original Adult Attachment Scale The scale contains three subscales, each composed of six items. The three subscales are CLOSE, DEPEND, and ANXIETY. The CLOSE scale measures the extent to which a person is comfortable with closeness and intimacy.