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The International Cochran Piano Competition is an online piano competition which gives you a chance to focus on your professional, artistic and personal development. In our fourth edition in there were 97 pianists participating from 31 countries. The Winner is Gvantsa Zangaladze (Georgia/USA). European Classical music has long relied on music competitions to provide a public forum that identifies the strongest players and contributes to the establishment of their professional careers. This is a list of current competitions in classical music, with each competition and reference link given only offer competitions across a range of categories and in these cases they are.

The Windsor International Piano Competition is a non-profit organisation with a mission of providing excellence and education through competition and performance. The 5th competition will be held from July at Windsor Parish Church of St John the Baptist, located adjacent to . Piano Competitions (14) (14) Related Content (and sort options): Related Content (and sort options) Piano Performance Jobs (4) Piano Teaching Jobs (5) Piano Courses (23) Piano Duo Courses (1) Piano Duo Competitions (6) Piano Sales (7) Stolen Keyboard Instruments (12) Directory of Pianists (82) More. Sort posts by: Posted Date. Closing Date.

Seattle International Piano Festival & Competition. For decades, the Pacific Northwest has been the center of a great musical and artistic culture. The warm and welcoming music audience of Seattle is one of the friendliest in the world. Every year the city witnesses numerous local concert series, music festivals, and competitions. Of course, if you aspire to a career as a star pianist, you have to start early. If you want to play the piano because you want to play songs you've always loved, you can start anytime. There's no rush, no competition to win, no expectations to meet. New brain connections may not develop as rapidly in adults as they do in children. But this.