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Jan 17,  · Let’s start with twelve new board games for two players that you may never have heard of, and then we’ll turn to 8 classic board games you can play with two people: 12 Newer two-player games that you may not be familiar with: 1. Hive – $ One of my new favorites–really unique, really challenging, and really fun. Great Two Player Board Games for Adults. Players compete as John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon, vying for the the electoral vote and U.S presidency. Number of Players: 2 Play Time: 90 minutes.

Difficulty Levels for 2 Person Card Games. Easy Card Games for Two – These are 2 player card games that ANYONE can play, even kids! Popular 2 Player Card Games – You might need some previous card playing skills for these 2 player card games. But with instructions and a little quality time with your sweetie, you’ll be a pro in no time!