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Volunteers are vital to the success of students and literacy programs. They bring optimism and enthusiasm, create positive energy, and share diverse perspectives that lead to enhanced learning outcomes for students. Become an adult literacy volunteer and help empower an adult learner to reach their full potential to participate more fully in. Find a Local Literacy Program The National Literacy Directory is designed to help individuals find local literacy and education programs and GED testing centers in their areas. The National Literacy Directory contains over 7, educational agencies located across the United States.

The Adult Literacy League offers one-to-one tutoring for adult basic education and English language literacy for students aged 18 and over. In some cases where students are emancipated minors, we will serve 16 and 17 year old learners as well. Every day, thousands of volunteer reading partners make a lifelong difference for kids who struggle with reading. More than simply reading with a child, our volunteers follow a proven, structured curriculum to help students learn specific skills necessary to become proficient readers.

These programs must be able to depend upon their volunteer tutors to fulfil the commitments they make to the learner(s) and to the program. The following are some basic assumptions about the roles and responsibilities of program coordinators, volunteer tutors, and adult learners in literacy programs. Tutor at least once a week; attend one 4-hour tutor workshop for certification as an adult literacy tutor. Participate in one-hour workshops offered during the year to reinforce your tutoring skills. After completing training, tutors volunteer their time for 1 to 2 hours at least once a week.