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Some adults experience a jolt, a sudden flash of memory, that is triggered by an event, a song, a movie scene, anything, really. Others remain asleep until the abusive parents become abusive grandparents—continuing the cycle of emotional abuse to the adult survivor’s children. Mar 25,  · Typical of abusive and pathological parents is when the parents make the child ‘take care of them emotionally’. This is often referred to as ‘emotional incest’ or ‘parent-ifying the child’. In a healthy home, the parent emotionally meets the needs of a child and supports the child through the developmental process of becoming a.

Nov 04,  · Parents who scream, threaten, deliberately physically impose and use their child's fear as a method of control are behaving in an emotionally abusive manner. "A lot of . Feb 18,  · How to Deal With Emotionally Abusive Parents. Not all abuse results in bumps and bruises. Verbal abuse is much more common than physical abuse, but it can also scar you just as much, if not worse, than physical abuse. Emotional abuse can Views: K.

Jul 23,  · I made the very difficult but positively-life-changing decision to remove contact. I felt guilty for this at first, but as I began to see my sister's children witnessing/experiencing the emotional abuse first-hand, I realized that it was up to us. Aug 19,  · Above all, adults who are still being subjected to child abuse need to be able to tell their own stories. And they can only do that when we acknowledge that it is not only possible for parents to continue abusing their adult children, it is a likely outcome. Our default assumption should be that abusive parents never stop abusing.