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adult stem cell banking - Adult Stem Cell vs. Cord Blood Banking: Similar Choices, Important Differences

Our Stem Cell Banking Services More Peace of Mind With Celltex. With a focus on ensuring your stem cells’ integrity, your safety and a lifetime supply of your own stem cells, Celltex’s stem cell banking services are designed to give you peace of mind throughout the entire process. Jul 21,  · There has been a great deal of scientific interest recently generated by the potential therapeutic applications of adult stem cells in human care but there are several challenges regarding quality and safety in clinical applications and a number of these challenges relate to the processing and banking of these cells ex-vivo.

Stem cell banking offers a way to freeze our stem cells in time. We cryopreserve your cells so that the day your cells are thawed, they are effectively the same age as the day they were frozen. All that is needed to preserve this vital resource is a small sample of your bone marrow, or . The current situation and future possibilities regarding stem cell therapies are both very positive for two main reasons. Firstly, adults have the option of storing their own cells with adult stem cell banking. Secondly (and perhaps more importantly), parents have the option of storing their baby's stem cells with cord blood banking.

Hope Biosciences Adult Stem Cell Banking is our proprietary method of banking your own, pure mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for use in the future. We start by extracting MSCs from a small fat sample and then grow them to create your master cell bank. Adult Stem Cell Overview Recent exciting, new discoveries place Dentists at the forefront of helping their patients benefit from potentially life-saving therapies derived from a patient's own stem cells obtained from deciduous teeth, third molars and permanent teeth.