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For the hunt, you can ask them to cut out clues and things from the newspapers like - an obituary of a man, three advertisements of designer wear, a photograph in which there are more than two women present, a news story each on politics, showbiz, sports and travel, a recipe, three real estate listings for an individual house, classified. Whether you gather a group of friends together for a weekend of “roughing it” or are attending a family reunion in a manicured campground, a scavenger hunt is an adventurous way for adults to get to know each other or pass the time while on vacation. Although .

Aug 14,  · Then decide how long you want the hunt to last — pick an end time and place, and deduct points for every minute a team is late. Weather can be a factor in scheduling your scavenger hunt, so make sure people know to dress appropriately, especially when it comes to comfortable shoes. This may seem obvious, but at my birthday scavenger hunt, one. Aug 03,  · Adult Scavenger Hunt Idea Set 1: Take to the Streets. One distinct thing that makes an adult scavenger hunts more fun is the fact that (most!) participants are responsible enough to hop in a vehicle and cover more distance! The following ideas for scavenger hunt clues include our favourite 4-wheeled vehicles or the roads they are driven on.

Scavenger Hunt List Ideas Create Your Own Unique Scavenger Hunt. Scavenger Hunt List Ideas. Scavenger Hunts are a great way to celebrate virtually any occasion, and since they can be customized to accommodate an individual plan and purpose, they are an obvious choice for every personality and age group.. All you need to begin is an occasion worth celebrating, some scavenger hunt list ideas, a. May 14,  · If you want to plan a fun outdoor activity for your kids, here’s a set of riddles you can use. These 10 outdoor scavenger hunt riddles will lead the players to various different objects and locations in your backyard and neighborhood.