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Aug 20,  · The use of heated and humidified high flow nasal cannula (HFNC) has become increasingly popular in the treatment of patients with acute respiratory failure through all age groups. In this part we will summarize how it works and for part 2 we will discuss the main indications for its use in adult and pediatric patients. Salter Labs Nasal Cannula is a clear, lightweight, adult nasal cannula with unique, one-piece, anatomical design. This Nasal Cannula eliminates the need for flap, which can cause irritation resulting in maximum patient comfort. Over-the-ear style ensures secure positioning, allowing complete freedom of movement/5(35).

Mar 31,  · High-flow nasal cannula (HFNC) oxygen therapy comprises an air/oxygen blender, an active humidifier, a single heated circuit, and a nasal cannula. It delivers adequately heated and humidified medical gas at up to 60 L/min of flow and is considered to have a Cited by: Mar 20,  · Publications with the key words “high flow nasal cannula”, “high flow nasal therapy”, “high flow nasal oxygen”, “high flow oxygen therapy”, “high flow therapy”, “optiflow (respiration)” and “nasal highflow” were then tabulated in Excel along with a link to their abstracts and the list was manually searched for repeat Cited by: 8.

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