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Middletown Adult Education - Middletown CT/Connecticut - Welcome. Middletown Adult Education provides academic programs, early childhood classes, family education, job training, workplace education, enrichment classes, counseling and assessment services. Middletown Adult Education Main Street Middletown, CT Questions about our course catalog, the registration process or our enrichment program in general? Feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] with your questions and a member of our .

Welcome to Middletown Adult Education Family Learning. The Family Literacy Programs of Middletown Adult Education recognize that parents are their children's first and most important teacher. We support this by bringing parents in need of adult education and their children together to . The campuses at Arden Hill, the Career & Technical Education Center in Goshen, Middletown Adult Learning Center and 3 Washington Center in Newburgh provide career and technical education programs that are affordable, short-term and convenient for the adult ilprofeta.info curriculum is industry-specific and emphasizes practical application of key concepts and skills in well equipped labs.

Middletown Adult Education (MAE), located in Middletown, Connecticut, provides academic programs, Even Start Program, family education, job training, workplace education, enrichment classes, counseling, and assessment services. Early history. In , Middletown Adult Education was formed as the Woodrow Wilson Veterans School to serve veterans returning from World War ilprofeta.infoion: K, Middletown PS, Middletown HS, . The mission of the James H. Groves Adult High School is to provide opportunities for adults to learn according to their unique ability, interests, and aspirations to acquire a high school education culminating in the attainment of a Groves Adult High School Diploma.